Freelance Photographer based in the Bay of Plenty with clients in the Waikato and Auckland.

Recent assignments
have been undertaken in the fields of public relations, architecture, landscape and interior design, home show magazines, health care, education and law.

• As Senior Photographer at The University of Waikato Hamilton 1988-2003, covered public relations events, annual reports, scientific projects, groups, graduations with special attention to different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
• Medical Photography in New Zealand and Australia with expertise in specialised areas of medicine such as ophthalmic, dermatology, paediatrics and orthopaedics.

I worked with Ross in the period 1988-2002. He repeatedly proved to be an outstanding Photographer, from his work output, flair and technical quality. His manner and approach with the many diverse subjects and cultural groups within the University was excellent and the University made constant use of his work in many publications and different forms
of media

Jeremy Callaghan
Former Assistant Vice Chancellor
University of Waikato, Hamilton.
Ross showed the ability to relate well to users of his department while Head of Medical Photography at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane. He came to us with excellent qualifications and the quality of material that was produced by his department was high. It was evident to me that his staff are happy and enjoyed a significant degree of freedom of movement within his department, that enhanced the quality and output of work, and staff morale was always high.

W.E.Davies (Queenslander of the Year)
Spinal Injuries Unit
Princess Alexandra Hospital
Brisbane, Queensland.
Ross proved extremely helpful to the staff of this office in producing quality work with flair for many of the Hospitals publications. Two major projects he undertook was the in the planning and production of work for PAH open week, and for the launching of the Princess Alexandra Research Foundation attended by the Governor and Premier of Queensland.

Marilyn Bitomsky
Former PRO
Princess Alexandra Hospital
Brisbane, Queensland.